We always count on our car’s battery to run reliably. However, it’s a machine, and as a machine, the engine can fail. Don’t be surprised if your car battery leaves you stranded in a parking lot or on the side of the road.

In such scenarios, a DIY jump start battery service may seem like the simplest solution to try. But know that jumpstarts are tricky and even dangerous. Here are a few reasons why you should call professional Buffalo jump start and battery service companies instead of taking the matter into your own hands.

Why DIY Buffalo Jump Start And Buffalo Service Is A Bad Idea?

Fire & Explosions

Vehicle batteries emit flammable gases when being charged. The jumper cables used in jump starting a dead battery sometimes give off a spark, which ignites these gases.

Car batteries also contain harmful sulphuric acid, which boils and evaporates during jumpstart service. It can also explode if exposed to the spark. Keep in mind that the vehicle battery might be damaged rather than dead. In such a case, the battery may already be releasing volatile vapors without you even realizing it.

Skin & Eye Injuries

Even if the car battery and sparks from jumper cables don’t cause an explosion, they can still be hazardous. The sulphuric acid is highly corrosive. If it comes in contact with your skin or eyes, you risk getting permanent acid burns.

Also, the sparks from jumper cables leap quite far through the air. Even if you’re extremely careful, it might land on your exposed skin or eye and injure you.

Technological Damage

Today’s cars have complex electronic systems. For instance – there are engine control units (ECUs) to monitor the car engines, airbags, cruise control, and Bluetooth. Jumpstarting a car without adequate knowledge can cause expensive harm to all these onboard electronics of modern cars.

Thus, if you ever find yourself needing a jumpstart, never try to do it on your own. Instead, call the best Buffalo jump start and battery service company KD Towing to revive your battery. Check out why you prefer our professionals over DIY for roadside assistance dead battery.

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Battery Jump Start And Battery Service

Expertise and Equipment 

The experts of KD Towing have high-quality jumper cables and multiple starting batteries of varying amp hours. With its help, they can jumpstart the batteries of all kinds of vehicles.

First, they inspect the current state of your battery and alternator by using a professional battery analyzer. Then, they determine if the battery is in good working condition and proceed with their work accordingly.

Prompt Service 

Our professional Buffalo jump start and battery service can help you anywhere, anytime. They can help you with any roadside assistance issues no matter the day or hour.

You just need to call us and share your location with our experts. They will reach your spot with all the equipment within minutes. Once they fix the battery, they double-check to ensure the battery terminals are clean and tight.

Call KD Towing Team For All Kinds Of Towing And Roadside Assistance Help

KD Towing offers a wide range of services, including jumpstart, fuel delivery, tire replacement, car lockout, and towing. We strive to provide high-quality, fast, and affordable work that guarantees your safety and satisfaction. 

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