Did your vehicle ever break down on the roadside? If yes, then you’d probably know how stressful it is. And for this same reason, many people now keep roadside assistance companies on coverage. According to Agero, almost 69 million vehicles in the US break down on the road every year. 

For someone stranded on a lonely road, these assistance services are no less than angels. No matter what, 24-hour emergency roadside assistance is always good for the following reasons.

Points that explain the importance of keeping roadside assistance on your speed dial

You are saved from theft

The rate of robbery is increasing in Buffalo each day. Have you seen people stranded on highways as you drive along? Robbers take advantage of such helpless people in the middle of nowhere. Anytime, they are feared of getting attacked. Even worse, if they have kids with them.

That’s when our roadside assistance comes to help. It’s not like you are hiring us to fight the thieves for you. The truth is we do not even give them a chance. Our emergency roadside services always reach you asap when you are stranded on busy highways. 

Tips to keep your vehicle safe from thieves during breakouts

  1. Always lock your car.
  2. Close the windows and sunroof.
  3.  Secure anything that’s outside of your vehicle.
  4. Use tamper-resistant screws to secure the number plates.
  5. To secure alloy wheels, fit locking, and anti-tamper wheel nuts.

So, never let your guard down on a busy road, and call KD Towing in Buffalo. Know that we are just a few minutes away to bail you out of the situation.

Saves from stuck in the bad weather

A broken car cannot turn on your heater or air conditioner. This means you are stranded even in extreme weather conditions outside of your car. Bear it or pass out until your mechanic reaches the location to repair it.  No to mention the sickness that’ll follow after that. 

The good news is, that even in the worst weather conditions, we respond to users. Our 24/7 roadside assistance will be at your location with a tow truck to help. While you speed dial us, just allow us some minutes to reach your stranded location in Buffalo. You and your family will be safe in no time. 

Get rid of tension

You can find different kinds of roadside assistance companies in Buffalo. But all that matters is getting your vehicle out of the way. It’s even terrific to find a queue of traffic behind you. 

A good roadside assistance company will always help you quickly before the situations escalate for worse. They will carry tow trucks, containing all the necessary equipment. 

Interestingly, KD Towing can fix most of the vehicle problems right away. For example, a dead battery, a flat tire, or when you need a jump start. If needed we will tow your car to the nearest best mechanic for severe assistance. We can get you out of tension with the right vehicle treatment. 

Protects you from suspicion

Car broke down on the road? Well, hardly any ongoing vehicle would find you less suspicious. They may think that you are up for something bad. After all these mass shootings going on, people can suspect any kind of abnormal behavior. 

Can you imagine that someone might even call 911? Well, we can’t say no one would.  

Sadly, there would be hardly anyone to check on what’s going on. It happens, and many people have been facing it in reality. But, ones who kept roadside assistance companies on their speed dial are certainly not facing this. 

We won’t take that long to reach you while letting someone suspect you. We have our emergency tow truck always packed up with essentials. The moment we get your call, we buckle up our seat belts to help you.

Avoids an explosion

There are many cases where car batteries spark to ignite just right after it breaks down.  A broken-down car may have some electronic problem. 

Note: Calling inexperienced mechanics from anywhere may result even worse because most explosions are caused by short circuits. 

Causes of car explosions
Flaws in the design
Poor maintenance
Overheated catalytic converters
Engines overheated
Electric vehicle batteries
Spilled fluids
Failure in Electrical system
Leaks in the fuel system

Do you want to experience the same? Certainly not, right?! Keeping a roadside assistance service on speed dial can only help you avoid this.

Keeping track of the breakdown symptoms with your first call, we are on the road to reaching you asap. So, be assured that we’d not let your car explode. 

Save you from accidents

Accidents never come with a warning. It can happen anytime, anywhere. Let’s not talk about bigger accidents. Be it a two-wheeler or a sedan, even minor accidents make you feel stressed. Police coming to your locations, and onlookers gathering there can give you the worst feeling. 

Why wait until the police arrange a lift and a tow? Be independent and secure yourself by putting our roadside assistance on your speed dial. 

Be it in the countryside or in the middle of a busy street, our towing services will always assist you. We use vehicle size-specific tow trucks and tow them to drop at your desired location. If you need any vehicle recovery assistance from the accident, we can also help you with that. 

Choose your service wisely

Choosing the right one from multiple roadside assistance companies can be overwhelming. Some provide fewer facilities where you might not be included. But KD Towing is your one-stop solution. 

We offer multiple sets of services. Before reaching your location, we’d have a clear-cut discussion on your vehicle requirement and proceed. So, call us-state your situation-hang up-………pause(a few minutes)……and we’ll be right there

Contact KD Towing 24/7 roadside assistance!

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