This morning, you stepped into your car to drive to work, and your tire was flat. Now what? 

While some tire problems can be safely rectified, others necessitate tire replacement. It’s a fact that having a lot of options leads to arguments.

There have been numerous debates between tire change and repair service, as to which is the better option. An external inspection of a tire is required before any repairs are undertaken. Only the best tire change and repair service in Buffalo can decide that for you. Here are the methods to decide whether a repair job will suffice or if a total replacement is required.

Understand The Damage Extent

If your tire’s sidewall has been destroyed, you need to replace it.  However, if the only impact is to the tread, you aren’t necessarily safe. The tire is no longer useful if the steel belt inside of it is cut.

Multiple punctures close together or immediately across from one another cannot usually be mended because your repairs will overlap and produce a weak spot.

Punctures bigger than a quarter-inch in diameter can’t be healed effectively or safely. A cut or gash in the tire can only be mended if it is less than a quarter-inch long. It is dangerous to drive on a tire that is worn and has less than 2/32-inch tread depth remaining.

A mobile tire repair from KD Towing can help you measure the extent. Be it anywhere across the city street or countryside, we are at your service in no time to pull you out with a tire change and repair service.

Have Your Tires Reached The Legal Wear Limit?

Checking your tires for tire wear regularly is a smart practice. But how?!

Here’s a quick technique to detect if your tires need to be replaced. 

The tread wear indicators are located in each of the main grooves of the tread. Small raised portions at the bottom of the tread pattern grooves serve as indicators. The tire sidewall is most likely extremely close to the permissible level of 1.6 mm if the tread rubber surface is level with these elevated areas. 

You are endangering your safety and breaking the law if you exceed this limit!!

 Even if the remaining tread depth is larger than 1.6 mm, especially on wet roads, you should adjust your pace and driving style to the weather factors.

A snowflake-shaped symbol on the tire sidewall marks the location of “winter” wear indications. 

Does your tire click on the above legal wear limit?? 

If not, we can fix it right away. You just need to choose to change between tire change and repair service

How Old Is Too Old? The Five Year Evaluation

Your tires should be thoroughly tested at least once a year after five years of use. If necessary, replace existing equipment tires according to the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions.

Even if the tires appear to be in good condition, we suggest replacing them with new tires if you have not changed 10 years from their time of manufacture.

Identify The Best Tire Change & Repair Service

Well it’s no secret that often car repairing services scam you to change tires to profit when you look for tire change and repair near me. But unlike other services, with KD Towing, you can assure the best tire change and repair services in Buffalo. No matter where you’re stuck right now in Buffalo, we’d be there to offer you the desired tire treatment. 

Contact us to choose between tire change and repair service!

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