Did you wake up to a dead car/or a flat tire? Does your car need a jumpstart? You may just have an important day and your car does not want to start.

Wait…don’t panic! It’s 2022, and dead cars can be fixed right at your home. Buffalo automotive services are now bringing door-to-door car repair service. 

At KD Towing, we offer home auto repair for any wear and tear. So, it’s very important to know when to call us. Check this list of times when a towing service can fix your car at home.

Different car problems can be fixed at home by a home automotive repair

A Flat Tire

Woke up to a flat tire? This is nothing new. Probably it has been worn out and leaking for days and you didn’t notice at the right time. 

Also, have you not been driving your car much lately?

Because flat spots on tires are really common among cars that are parked for too long at the same place. When you do this, the ground area under the tire becomes rigid. It will lose air pressure and develop flat spots. 

Common causes of flat tire
Gradual wear and tear
Leak in the valve stem
Uneven surface
Debris(Nails/screws, glass, rocks, staples, car parts)

The good news is that we do not look for reasons. In fact, we try asap to fix or replace your tire. All you need to do is just ping us up or ring us. Our representative always responds right away. So, next time a flat tire is hindering your day, do not hesitate to call KD Towing for a home auto repair

Flat Tire Rule of Thumb– Don’t go more than 70 miles, and go no faster than 50MPH. Call a tow truck if you don’t have a spare tire.

The battery is dead

One of the common breakdown problems is waking up to a dead battery. Batteries do age and eventually die. Relax,  it’s common to fail to notice an about-to-die battery. Sometimes, the qualities don’t come as the seller promised and so we believe everything’s fine.

Are you stuck in the same kind of situation? 

No worries!!

Just give us a call. Now relax and wait until our battery services reach your doorstep. You may be anywhere in Buffalo, our home auto repair can positively find you right away(even at night). 

So, next time a dead battery is about to cancel your plans, ring us asap.

Your car begins stalling

Stalling- When your car gradually shakes and stops soon after you start off from the garage. Many times, even the car engine stops. Most of us wouldn’t even know why did that happen, because it’s obvious that we are not mechanics. 

So, we have collected a list of times when a car begins to stall:

  • Empty fuel tank
  • Inadequate fuel mixture
  • Poor alternator
  • Bad fuel pump
  • A dead battery
  • The problem in the clutch
  • Dirty air filter
  • Low fuel pressure
  • Corroded distributor cap
  • Bad coolant sensor

We know!!!! A stalling car could be the worst nightmare when you happily started off an important day.

But, guess what? Your day can still be saved by calling our home auto repair services. So, don’t waste time. We’d be right there at your home in no time and fix it asap. 

Lights not flashing

You get inside the car for a date night or an evening party. Starting the engine, suddenly you realize that the lights are not flashing. This is dangerous! A non-flashing light is a sign of an immediate problem. As long as you try to run without it, the problem can get worse. 

So, STAY RIGHT THERE! Call us and we’d reach you in a few minutes. Our professionals will check every beat and piece, and fix it right away. Soon after you’d be ready to leave.

But in severe cases, we might need to tow your vehicle to the mechanics. With us, you can assure the safest towing. Moreover, we are linked with the best automotive repairers in town. So relax and wait until we get it right.

Smoking car

Sometimes, our car engine smokes suddenly while driving. Calling a tow truck is the first idea to tick our mind.

 But, what if it starts smoking as soon as you start the engine?! 

Does the smoke smell like burnt cooking oil and looks bluish? Maybe your oil tank is leaking into your engine. 

Some common causes of smoking car:

  • Defect in coolant system
  • Burning electric wires
  • Worn out pistons
  • Leaking head gaskets
  • Fault at fuel valves

Don’t panic! First, check the oil level and the leakage amount. If the leakage is too much to the point of an empty tank, then the car engine may be damaged.

Stay there, and do not even think about driving. Because anyway, you are not reaching the gas station. Instead, call us. Our truck will reach your location with home auto repair. We may try to block the leakage and fill your tank. If it’s too complex we can tow it to the auto repair shops.

KD Towing Buffalo at your doorstep

 Buying and running a car isn’t cheap. But by keeping us on your list, you can keep your cost down from costly repairs of towing to the mechanics. We bring car repairs to your doorstep with our home auto repair service. 

Within some minutes or an hour, we’ll get you out of a stranded situation. Hence, know that we are just a few minutes away when you are unable to start off your car. 

Call KD Towing Buffalo for a home automotive repair!

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