Car towing service:

If you have ever been stuck in the middle of a road with a distressed car, your first question might have been: Do I need a car towing service? Would it be better just to ask my friend to tow the car?

To answer this, we can just say the future is unpredictable, and your “friend” is not a car expert.

Towing services have expert professionals that provide 24/7 assistance to distressed drivers. Whether the car broke down or had an accident, towers reach the spot, examine the car, fix it (if possible), or tow it to a nearby repair shop without causing any harm and damage during transportation.

As you can still be thinking that calling your friend is a better option, rather than reaching out to a professional car towing company.

Instances Where You Need Professional Towing Services

You were involved in a collision

Vehicle collisions are unfortunate and a big headache, but they do happen a lot. In case of these emergency situations, you would need a professional’s help and a flatbed towing truck to load your damaged car and transport it safely. 

In addition to having a tow truck, the car professionals can easily determine the severity of the collision and decide if the vehicle needs to be moved immediately or needs repairs before it can be transported anywhere. 

Recklessly moving or driving your vehicle after a collision can even lead to an engine blast.

You are moving to another state

Relocating to a new state is a daunting task. And if you have multiple cars and motorcycles, you can’t drive each one hundred miles to your new home. 

A towing and transport service usually possesses all the big machinery for long-distance car towing and can ensure that your vehicles are safely transported to your new home without any scratches and wearing off of tires.

For the best results, hire a reputed and insured towing company such as KD Towing to ensure that you won’t be liable for any transporting damages, even in the worst cases.

You got a flat tire

Tires can give out for a number of reasons, and most people don’t even know how to change or repair them. However, a car towing service usually has all the required equipment to repair your tires (at all times). 

Whether it was low pressure, sharp objects, or damaged tire treads, they can deal with it. And in case multiple tires get damaged, they always have their tow truck to take it to the nearby repair shop.

Your car engine malfunctioned

While a good driver might carry a spare tire to tackle a flat tire condition, they can’t start learning everything about car engines just to deal with a mishap. 

Radiator problems, faulty fan belts, thermostat failure, and cooling system leaks are some major causes of car overheating. And on top of that, if you haven’t got your car services in a while, then only an expert can tell what’s wrong with your car. 

You can call your friend if he’s an expert mechanic, but when he isn’t able to fix it, he’ll also call a car towing service. So, it’s better you don’t waste your time and call KD Towing immediately.

Along with these!

When you opt for the best car towing service in Buffalo, they help you with your insurance claims. Also, anytime you go out of town, they store your car in their secure towing storage facility.

To know more about the benefits of our emergency car towing services, call on directly on 716-229-5450.

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