Calling a towing service Buffalo NY is the last thing one wants. But no matter whether you love it or hate it – a tow truck is often the best option if you are in roadside trouble. With the towing company, you can have your car towed home, to a garage, or to another convenient location.

Roadside emergencies happen when you least expect them. Preparation is the key to getting through such distress situations smoothly. 

It is important to know when to call a towing service and the steps you should take in these situations. Follow this guide to know all about when and how to call a towing company

When Should You Call A Towing Company Buffalo NY?

The following are some situations when you need to consider calling a towing company

1. Your Vehicle Won’t Start

There are a few things you can do when your car stops running or won’t get started. You can wait for a few minutes and try starting it again. 

In some situations, the culprit is a dead battery. Getting a jumpstart will do the trick here. It is always a wise idea to carry a set of jumper cables in your car’s trunk. You can also carry around a portable battery charger if you want to be really prepared.

2. You Run Out Of Gas

Running out of gas is another possible cause of stalling. Fill up your car’s trunk before going for a long trip in case you arrive in an area without gas stations. Also, consider carrying a portable gas tank with spare gallons.

If you do find yourself in the middle of the road without gas, however, you will have to deal with the situation. Calling a towing company is a safe option then. 

3. You Have A Flat Tire

Got a spare tire and jack in your vehicle? Then you may be able to change the flat tire yourself. But this isn’t always practical. 

You may get stalled in a place where it’s unsafe to work on your car. Or else, your lug tires may be too tight to loosen with hand tools. 

Worse yet – you may find yourself with a flat tire and no jack or spare. In these cases, a towing company is your best bet. 

4. You Have Been In An Accident

No one hopes to end in an accident – but unfortunately, they do once in a while. The first thing you must do in this situation is to make sure no one is hurt. 

If somebody needs medical attention, immediately call for an ambulance. However, if the only damage is to your vehicle, call the towing service. 

Here is an important tip. Never try to drive a damaged car even if it looks possible. This could be dangerous. A car that’s damaged can catch fire or even explode. Call a professional towing company and let the experts assess the damage.

Things To Consider Before Calling A Towing Company

Once you have determined your car needs towing, you would be probably anxious to get it done as soon as possible. However, there are a few vital things you have to do before calling a towing service. Check them out below:

Consider The Location

If your car won’t start at your home or in a parking lot, you have some time to inspect and look at it. But if your car is on the highway, you need to get your car out of the way as soon as possible. 

Roadside Assistance Or Towing Company?

Have roadside assistance through the insurance company? Then, you may be tempted to call them first. But you will be better off by calling a towing service.

Calling roadside assistance increases your fees. So, it’s better to reserve such calls for a true roadside emergency. 

Also, remember – roadside assistance is usually limited to the person with the account. So, if you are in someone else’s car, your coverage won’t apply. 

Safety First

If you are in a potentially hazardous spot such as a highway or street –

  • Turn on the hazard lights
  • Engage the emergency brake
  • Then, exit the car

You and any passengers should find a safe area to make calls and wait for the towing company.

Take Pictures

If your car has been in an accident, take pictures of the damage(s). Take a few shots from different angles. 

In case another car was involved, take pictures of the other vehicle as well. It is necessary to document any damages for insurance purposes or in case there are any legal issues in the future.

Call Your Insurance Company

It is vital to find out if the insurance company will cover the cost of towing. The insurance expense may cover only some specific towing providers. So, find out who you must call. 

Decide Which Towing Service To Call

If your insurance company doesn’t advise you which towing service provider to call, do some research. Choose a towing company based on your location. Also, look for customer reviews if you can find them.

Enquire About The Towing Method

There are two ways that cars are towed: the chain and hook method – where your car is hooked to a truck and pulled to the garage. The other method is the flatbed method in which the vehicle is hoisted onto the truck and driven to a garage. 

The flatbed process is much safer and less likely to cause damage to your car. If you are given a choice, always choose a flatbed.

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