No matter what you drive, a car, a truck, or a tow truck, the control arms of your vehicles are the cushioning’s that give you full control over it – making your rides less bumpy. Anytime you experience more bumpy driving on a flat road, it’s time for a control arm bushings service

What Is Control Arm Bushing?

Control arm bushings, or simply bushings, are the rubber pads attached to a vehicle’s control arms and suspension systems. Due to their special material composition, control bushings are often alternatively called ‘rubbers.’ 

The purpose of control bushings is to absorb the shock of turbulence as you drive your vehicle. Bushings act as a buffer and reduce the shocks caused by terrain. Basically, it offers the driver and passengers a smoother riding experience. 

Apart from rubber, control arm bushings are sometimes made of high-end polyurethane or other soft yet very firm materials. 

But with regular driving, the control arm bushings of your vehicle  start to deteriorate. Therefore, you need to opt for a control arm bushings service to ensure enjoying smoother rides. KD Towing Services, one of the best control arm bushings services in Buffalo, NY, can help you with all arm bushing services without making a dent in your pocket. 

Signs Confirming Your Car Needs Control Arm Bushing Service

Just like a patient showing symptoms of a disease, your car often shows various symptoms that calls for control arm bushing service

Experiencing bumpier rides

If you are receiving more turbulence or the trips getting bumpier than usual, even while driving on a flat road, it’s a sign that your vehicle needs control arm bushings services. 

Every control arm bushing has its limits of shock absorption. Therefore, if you have driven off-road for a while, check your control arm bushings as well. 

Mechanical Noise or Clunking Sounds while driving

The second very common symptom of control arm damage is the continuous clunking sounds or mechanical noise your car makes while driving. 

If you hear continuous clunking sound even while driving on flat roads, call for KD Towing control arm bushing service immediately.

The car becomes hard to control even on flat roads

Control arm bushings help you control your car smoothly by absorbing all the turbulence on your front and rear wheels. But when the control arm bushings are damaged, your car’s upper and lower or front and rear control arms do not provide the support you and your car need to enjoy a smooth ride..

The bushings also help you control the steering wheels. So, if your car is becoming harder to control, maybe your car needs a control arm bushings service promptly. 

When Generally Should You Replace Your Vehicle’s Control Arm?

Every car maker develops their car and control arm systems differently. The difference in control arm bushing materials also varies. This is why no one can accurately predict the ideal time for a control arm bushing service.

But if you have driven a few thousand miles or just completed an off-road or dirt-road trip, you must check your control arm bushings.

While going off-road, your control arm bushings try to absorb more shocks than a normal road, causing the requirement of control arm bushing service much sooner than the 1000 miles limit. 

Concluding Thoughts

Control arm bushing replacement is a very delicate process, and you should leave it to experts. If you try to do it by yourself, you can damage your car and also hurt yourself in the process. This is why trust KD Towing Services whenever you need a control arm bushing service in Buffalo.

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