Towing Services:

No one ever said, “Wish I could tow my car someday!”- obviously because no one ever wants to be in such a situation. BUT you never know!

Accidents & breakdowns can happen anytime, anywhere! And in case it does, you’ll need a professional towing service to get you out of the situation. But, here’s the thing: which towing service should you call? Light or heavy-duty towing?

You may not know, but not all towing companies are the same. Most of the towing services offer only roadside assistance. But what if you are driving a much larger vehicle? Does the towing service have the instruments to tow it properly? 

To determine the ‘correct’ solution to such situations, you must be aware of the different types of towing services – to take better advantage of them, when you need them.

Differentiating Heavy-Duty And Light-Duty Towing Services

What is light-duty towing?

Typically, light-duty towing services cover standard towing practices. For example, towing abandoned vehicles, handling traffic accidents, road recoveries, and more. They are preferred as light-duty because the trucks are just conventional tow trucks.

KD Towing’s conventional trucks can haul minivans, sedans, and pick-up trucks. The best part is – our light-duty towing services can swiftly maneuver across busy city streets and tight spaces without any hassle.

What is heavy duty towing?

As mentioned earlier, there can be times when you may be stuck with your larger vehicle. That’s when you’ll need to call for heavy-duty towing service. Trucks used for towing large vehicles are way bigger than the ones used in light-duty towing service. With a 25-ton bottom fit, we can straight away load another large vehicle. 

Moreover, since it is a heavy duty towing, only certified drivers have permission to operate such vehicles – and with us you can be rest assured.


Low duty towing

A light-duty tow truck actually carries small trailers and vehicles. We use them to assist you in any emergency stranded situations. Most of the time it can be minor to major accidents. But additionally, it can be for the following reasons:

KD Towing is always here for all your emergency road assistance services.

Heavy Duty towing

Heavy materials and large cargo trucks are transported by heavy duty towing. Greater horsepower and torque allows us to carry almost any weight off the load. Mostly, we remove dump trucks, garbage trucks, semi-truck trailers, tractors, and other vehicles with our heavy towing services.

Classifying Different Types of Tow Trucks

Tow trucks are classified on the basis of their gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) – which ranges between 1 to 8. Let’s classify them to understand better:

Classes 1 & 2– These fall under light-duty, with GVWR 0 to 10,000 lbs.

Classes 3 to 6– These are medium-duty trucks, GVWR ranging from 10,000 to 26,000lbs.

Classes 7 to 8– These fall under heavy duty towing, ranging GVWR from 26,001 to 33,000lbs and more. 

At KD Towing, we cover all light-duty, and medium-duty trucks. Our towing services are available for all kinds of vehicles.

Choose The Right Truck During Your Emergency Towing Situation   

Choosing the right towing truck can help you avoid unnecessary expenses. For instance, you wouldn’t call light-duty towing services to pick up large garbage trucks, right?

 If you’re not sure, we are just a dial away to assist you. Since KD towing has all kinds of towing, we will offer the right tow truck following the size of your car. Not to mention at reasonable prices! Get to know about more offers and user discounts on our 24/7 assistance.

Call KD Towing for all kinds of towing needs. Dial 716-229-5450!

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