Your song is playing on the radio while you are  enjoying a long drive by the countryside – a soulful time we all relish! But suddenly your car breaks down in the middle of your relaxing voyage! What would you do?
Soon your eloquent voyage will turn into a stressful nightmare!
The only option during such anxious situations is to call for a car towing service. But before a professional car towing service arrives at the spot and tows your car to the nearest repair center, ensure you follow these simple tip-offs. These tips will make sure everything goes fine and you get your car back without any damage. 
5 Steps To Take Before Towing Truck Arrives
  • Take Your Vehicle Off The Road
This one might seem like common sense, but surprisingly, many distressed people leave their cars in the middle of the road (maybe because of frustration), disrupting the flow of traffic.
Of course, if you have an accident, don’t even think of touching your wrecked car – but if it can be moved, move it. Moving your vehicle off the road will ensure no one bumps into your car and damages it further. 
  • Switch On Your Hazard Lights
Hazard lights are designed to alert other drivers to stay away from your car. By turning on hazard lights, passing drivers will be able to see and avoid your car.
Also, switching on hazard lights indicates a problem with your car – making it easy for the towing company to locate your vehicle in the evenings and nights.
  • Take Out All Your Valuables From The Car
Once you safely pull over and park the car off the road, make sure you take out all the valuables. This includes keys, phones, wallets, handbags, or other expensive items. Generally, car towing services are not responsible for any loss of personal items from your car, so it’s best if you remove them.
  • Call Your Insurance Company
Before you leave your vehicle and get a taxi, make sure to call your insurance company and give them the details that you are leaving your vehicle unattended while it stands at the spot waiting for the towing company. Sharing the information of the car towing service will help the insurance agent keep tabs on when and how your car is being transferred.
  • Take Pictures of Your Vehicle 
After you call for a car towing service in Buffalo, a precautionary recommendation is to take pictures of your vehicle. These pictures will be handy if any damage occurs to the car after leaving it unattended. Sometimes the truck driver might have to make a quick stop, and that could result in scratches and dings to the car, so it’s better to have some visual proof. 
Final Thoughts
Whenever you call a towing service, make sure to follow the above steps. For any car towing and emergency needs in Buffalo or nearby areas, call KD Towing immediately. Our car towing service in Buffalo is available for you 24/7. We are quick, reliable, and affordable! All you need to do is to call us, and our expert towing team will be at your service within moments. 

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