Getting locked out of the car can be a real nightmare. Especially if it happens late at night or in the middle of a deserted road. There are a handful of ways you can handle this situation smartly apart from calling KD Towing’s vehicle lockout service in Buffalo NY. And there are also a few steps you must avoid taking if you do not wish to worsen the situation. 

Vital Things To Do When Locked Out Of Car

  • Familiarize Yourself With the Surroundings

Take a deep stock of the location. Is a gas station visible nearby or a mechanic shop? They will have the tools you need to get into your locked car.

Are you in an unsafe or deserted area? If the answer is unfortunately a ‘YES’, call 911 and request for immediate assistance. This is a quite vital step if you feel your physical safety is in jeopardy. Beyond that, your next step should be to find out your exact location, you can do that by your mobile phone’s GPS.

  • Review The Vehicle Warranty

If your car warranty papers are on your purse or somewhere outside the car, review it. Many car companies provide roadside assistance as a part of their warranty schemes and sometimes even include vehicle lockout service.

In case the warranty papers are locked out in the car, your local dealer can look it up for you. Ping them up. Also, some credit card providers offer roadside assistance to their exclusive members. Call your card provider and see if you have this coverage. If not, find out if you could add it up immediately.

  • Call KD Towing

If you fail to get help from the above options, call the KD Towing team. Their vehicle lockout service team can reach you anywhere in Buffalo in less than 30 minutes. This is the most convenient way to get into your car and back on the road.

Things You Shouldn’t Do When You’re Locked Out Of a Car

  • DIY Unlocking The Car

Perhaps you’ve got some paper clips or hair clips on hand. So, you try to open the car door yourself. After all, it works just fine in movies, right?

Unfortunately, this DIY vehicle lockout service can cause irreparable damage to your car. Those days are long gone when you could insert something quirky into the car lock and fiddle around it until you unlock the lock latch. Nowadays, with modern cars, fiddling with pins or any object at the lock area can make matters far worse and even void your car warranty .

  • Breaking Window

While smashing car windows may seem like the easiest method, it comes with pretty killer problems too. For instance – you’ll have to cover the cost of getting the car windows replaced. Your auto insurance company won’t cover any car damage that is intentionally done. Also, you will need to deal with all the tiny shards of glass left behind. Especially if you need to drive the car afterward. It’s simply unsafe!

Tips To Avoid Getting Locked Out Of Car Again

  1. Make two spare car keys. Keep one at home and one at the most regular places your drive to and from (office or parent’s home).
  2. Take car keys with you when you leave the car. Modern cars usually have an auto-lock function.
  3. Frequently replace the battery of your electronic car key.
  4. Save the vehicle lockout service number before you need it.

Get Away From Vexing Situations With Our Vehicle Lockout Service

Call the KD Towing team any time of the day or night for vehicle lockout service. Our team will arrive and get you back inside your car in no time. Save our number (716-229-5450) today!

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