Whether you’re running late for your work or to get back home – vehicle lockouts can be a real pain. But thankfully, with KD towing’s vehicle lockout service in Buffalo, NY, you can get out of that vexing situation quite easily.

Now you must be toing and froing wondering how car lockout service works. Today we have answered some of the common questions that clients ask us frequently about our vehicle lockout services. Hopefully, this will clear away all your doubts!

6 FAQs About KD Towing’s Car Lockout Service

  • How Much Time Does The KD Towing Team Need To Reach The Location?

We have a large team dedicated to vehicle lockout services. They are familiar with all the streets and neighborhood areas of Buffalo. As soon as you give us a call, one of our team will rush to your location. 

Usually, it would take approximately 20-30 minutes for our team to lock you out of your vehicle and the situation. But if your car is situated far away from our service office, it would take a few extra minutes to reach your place. It is our prompt response and quick services that make us the most trusted vehicle lockout service in Buffalo NY.

  • How Long Will The Team Take To Unlock My Car?

The amount of time required to unlock car doors depends on the type of lock it has. Typically, our vehicle lockout team can unlock car doors within 5-10 minutes if it is a regular lock. But if the vehicle has a unique or any high-security lock, the unlocking process will be a bit longer.

  • Does The Lockout Service Cause Any Damage To My Car?

That doesn’t happen ever! All the vehicles that our team unlocked previously were done successfully without any scratch or dent.

Our lockout service team is properly trained about all the ins and outs of the vehicle unlocking process. This expert team makes sure to unlock vehicles as quickly as possible with zero damage to your car. 

  • What Kind Of Car Doors Can You Unlock?

The KD Towing team has trained professionals with years of expertise that can open all kinds of vehicle doors. Our team does require a longer time to deal with custom high-security locked cars. But we still can unlock it in the shortest time. 

  • Do You Have Prior Experience Unlocking Cars With Deadbolts?

Yes, our team has unlocked many vehicles with deadbolt locking. Cars like BMW and Land Rover frequently come with such a lock system. Hence, we make sure all our team members know how to unlock deadbolts safely and perfectly.

  • Can I Unlock The Car Door Myself?

Unless you’re a car lockout professional, we suggest you not do it. Amateur attempts to unlock cars can further complicate the issue than just having the keys locked inside the car.

For Any More Doubts, Ping Us At 716-229-5450

Getting locked out of the car can undeniably send you into panic mode. It is best to stay prepared for it than to be at your wit’s end. Connect with our team today and clear out any more queries about our car lockout services. 

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