As a car owner, many unexpected incidents can happen with you on the road. Running out of fuel, battery failure, accidents – the possibilities are many. Out of all the roadside failures, losing air pressure in tires is the most common one –  and obviously annoying too!

“You should NEVER be driving with flat tires” – this is something that professional tire change and repair service in Buffalo warns every time. So, what are the other options left? 

Follow the crucial steps below if a tire repair service is nowhere near in sight.

5 Things To Do When The Tires Blow Out In The Middle Of Nowhere

  • Pullover Immediately

Tire blowouts are pretty obvious. You will hear a loud pop and one side of your vehicle will drop down. 

When this happens to you, it is time to act calmly and not panic. Turn on the car’s hazard lights and pull over to the side of the highway. Look at how bad the tire’s condition is. Determine whether you can replace it or you need the assistance of a tire repair service

  • Replace The Tires If You Can

If you know how to do a flat tire repair service on your own, well and good. If not, we will tell you how to do it.

 Find a safe location and a spare wheel. Now carefully begin the roadside tire change. Start by applying parking brake and wheel wedges around each tire. Next, remove the wheel cover and take out the wrench. Loosen the lug nuts by turning them anticlockwise.

Then, Place the jack under your car and lift it to a suitable level. Unscrew the lug nuts and take out the flat tire. Put the spare tire on the log nuts and screw the nuts back. Replace the wheel cover too.

After that, carefully lower down your car. Stow back all the equipment inside the vehicle – and you are good to go.

  • Call KD Towing For Roadside Assistance Tire Repair Service

What should you do if you don’t know how to replace blown tires? Or what if you don’t have a spare tire? You call the tire repair service of KD Towing (716-229-5450). 

Unlike the other towing service company, we arrive at your location within 30 minutes. Then our tire repair service experts get their work done in the shortest time. Save our number for all kinds of roadside assistance.

  • Drive Slowly

There are days when you land in a pretty pickle situation. Your tires may get blown in a deserted area with no network coverage. Even after trying hard, you may not connect to the tire repair service.

In such scenarios, you will have but one alternative. You will have to drive the car to a nearby tire workshop yourselves.  The key to driving with flat tires is not to speed. Maintain a speed limit under 20 mph or 35 km/h.

  • Find The Nearest Tire Repair Service

We all have one go-to car technician we trust for all our vehicle problems. But now is not the time to be choosy. Find the nearest expert that you can find. This will speed up the process and reduce the chances of an accident.

Key Takeaway

To avoid such problematic situations, always keep a spare tire and required equipment in handy. Especially before you are going on a long drive. 

If you don’t have a spare tire, get the tire repair service of KD Towing. Our team will arrive at your location in a jiffy. Within minutes, we will get you and your car back on the road. 

Save our number on your phonebook today – 716-229-5450!

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