You just loaded your car with fresh groceries. As usual, the shopping took longer than expected. There was a long queue in the billing line of the store. Now you’re rushing to get home, unload groceries, and rush to your meeting on time. 

You stick your car keys in the ignition and – NOT AGAIN! The car battery is dead. You sit there wondering when you last visited the car battery service company in Buffalo. But now is not the time to think.  You need to act for the moment.

So, what should you do? Definitely not freak out! Look below for the most immediate solutions to get your car back on the road.

Quick Fixes For A Dead Car Battery

  • Phone A Friend

Take out your cell phone and start swiping through your list of contacts. Call your best friend, spouse, or a family member. Ask them if they have cables to battery jump start and if they can reach you. 

  • Call A Professional Car Battery Service Company

A car battery replacement service can swoop in as the big savior during your hour of need. So, get on the phone and call the service company immediately. 

KD Towing is the top-rated car battery service company that promises you prompt service. Our expert team will arrive at your location within minutes. If possible, we will jump-start your car. Or else, we will tow the vehicle and get the battery replaced and recharged.

  • Push And Start

This step will require some physical strength and kicks. Here is an expert tactic that the car battery service company suggests for this  –

  • Switch the vehicle to neutral mode.
  • Accelerate it along the road by pushing it.
  • The car will gain significant momentum by now. Now, start the second gear and turn on the ignition. 

This method will surely start your car engine. The car battery will also come back to life. However, this procedure requires sufficient practice and strength. If you aren’t able to pull this trick off, call a car battery service company.

Tips To Keep Car Batteries From Dying

Want to skip the dreadful moment when the car battery simply refuses? You sure can! 

You need to follow a few steps to keep your batteries healthy. Here are the tips from the car battery service company on how to do it – 

Keep The Battery Cool During Summer

The summer heat can drain your car’s battery. So, park it in a cool or shaded spot. This will buy your car some extra battery time.

Bonus point:

The interior of your car will be cooler when you use it too!

Increase Driving Time

Avoiding long-distance driving is a sure way to kill the car battery. That’s because the alternator needs time to recharge the battery after it’s been started. So, keep short trips with lots of starts and stops to a minimum. 

Cut Down Car Battery Draining Appliances

75% of the battery drainage issues in a car battery service company have been reported due to electric gadgets. These car appliances could be –

  • Navigation systems
  • MP3 players 
  • Onboard computers 

In short, every electric appliance you plug into the car can take a toll. So, re-evaluate what your car needs and use only that.

Call KD Towing If Car Battery Keeps Dying Frequently

Does your car battery fail even after regular upkeep and maintenance? Then, take your car to the KD Towing team. 

We are the most trusted car battery service company in Buffalo. Our experts can find out within minutes which is the culprit causing issue in your car. Book an appointment with us today!

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