Being stranded in the middle of nowhere is generally no one’s idea of fun. Added harsh winter conditions – now you’re in the worst possible situation. Hiring exotic car towing services in Buffalo might seem like a clever choice in this situation, but you’ll think, “Do I really have to hire one?”

Why not just want to walk on and grab the nearest mechanic to get it repaired and move on!

But, will it work?

As professionals, we at KD towing would recommend staying put and availing of a professional car towing service in Buffalo.

But if you still are doubtful of this notion, let us mention all the reasons, drawn from our experience of several years, to why you should hire a professional car towing services. 

1. The Snow Is Slippery

Every year, Buffalo receives tons of snow. And if you have ever tried to walk on snow, you would know just how hard it is to take smooth steps. Gradual and slow steps are your only savior. Now imagine that you wish to flag down another car to tow down your vehicle under these circumstances. 

Not only would the car not move in the right direction with the required speed, but the lack of friction will also increase your chance of crashing into the other car and pedestrians and objects on the road. Hiring a local Car Towing Service in Buffalo would ensure your safety as well as everyone else’s. 

2. Lack Of Proper Equipment

To tow any vehicle properly, you need specialized equipment that will drag your car towards the mechanic. Even if you are on a bike, the chances of you securing enough rope, locks, and straps for it are pretty slim. And it’ll be hazardous to everyone involved to carry out towing without the equipment.

3. No Visibility

Winters push a fog on the atmosphere, reducing visibility and making it impossible to be seen without lights. Exotic car towing services use tow trucks with unique lights that make everyone aware of their presence and the situation. Without these lights, you might confuse the other vehicles and even cause accidents.

4. Self-Towing Is Illegal

Only classic car towing services in buffalo are legally allowed to tow cars. Without proper licenses and permits, you’ll be sentenced to paying hefty fines, which will only add to your overall cost. 

5. You Don’t Have The Right Brakes

All the towing drivers of KD towing services are well versed in the special braking requirements that the situation deserves. Since there is an additional vehicle attached to the back, the towing vehicle’s momentum shifts, affecting the brake functions.

You would also need to take care of the turns as you will be responsible for turning two vehicles simultaneously. If you’re too fast, they might even crash.

KD towing can take care of your winter car towing, anytime!

Towing vehicles in winter is no easy task to do alone. So, let us handle all the technicalities! We are one of the top-reputed, towing experts in Buffalo. We have our branches in different areas of Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Amherst, and Towanda. 

24/7 towing service in Buffalo! We are always eager to help out stranded winter vehicles. Just give us a call, our experts will be at your disposal.

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