In towing and auto repairs, there is no such thing as ‘common’ units or models. Your neighbors and your vehicles might be manufactured within the same year (or even from the same company), but they would act as two different cars. What does it mean to you? It means anytime your car faces issues or breakdowns, you cannot just rely on one type of towing service to save you from the situation. 

Whether it be light or heavy-duty towing, it is never a “one-size-fits-all” process. Hence, at KD Towing, we feature a numerous range of sizes of trucks for the same reason. Added to that, we have extensive experience and a good reputation for light-duty towing services in Buffalo, Kenmore, Tonawanda, Williamsville, Amherst, Clarence, North Tonawanda, Hamburg, Orchard Park, and the West Seneca areas of New York. 

If you want to know before calling the right towing truck, keep scrolling!

Three Things To Know While Deciding Your Towing Needs 
  1. Light-Duty towing services is normally considered standard towing service, which includes towing smaller cars, coupes, and sedans, assisting roadside accident victims, relocating abandoned vehicles.
  2. Never replace a light-duty tow for heavy-duty because using the wrong truck might cost you more than usual.
  3. The cutoff weight for lightweight trucks must not be more than 17,000 pounds, unlike heavy-duty towing, whose lowest limit is 17,000 pounds. 
Are you worried that your car might break down or out of fuel? We are here!

From battery jumps to breakdowns, KD Towing is at your reach to offer a number of light-duty, reliable services. We have a history of more than 20 years of serving the residents of Buffalo with a huge fleet of medium and light dirty tow trucks. We are obsessed with our goal of getting you back on the road as fast as we can. 

The last option you would have when you need a tow would be to research what the towing company is equipped with. Just a call, and we will reach out to you with our expertise and equipment. Whether it is your two-wheeler or four-wheeler, we can deal with a wide range of vehicles for medium to light-duty, such as scooters, motorcycles, SUVs, cars, pickup trucks, box trucks, landscaping trucks, small buses, vans, and much more. 

Why should you choose KD Towing?

We are specialized in providing affordable car towing services. Starting from dispatcher to driver, we have a fast, dependable, and friendly team. We appoint every driver after properly inspecting their license and insurance. We keep our trucks fully equipped to meet your needs and help you get back on the road. You can access our services 24/7. We have been relentlessly dedicated to our continuous industrial training set for our staff, who promise proficiency with the uppermost echelon, whether it be a complicated recovery or your service call. We make any kind of towing easy. 

We prioritize safety!

Make a call 716-229-5450, and we will be there to move your vehicle to safety. When you witness a KD Towing vehicle, you should be assured about the protection measures, guaranteeing you the safest ride for your vehicle destination. 

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