Control arm bushing repair: Driving over an uneven road is not just difficult for you but also for your car. On rough terrains, the wheels constantly move up and down to compensate for the shifting ground surface. 

Control arms are those suspension parts that make this movement possible and let you drive smoothly – even on bumpy roads. The control arms function as a link between the structure of your car and the front wheels. They cushion the suspension system and reduce excessive noises and vibrations. 

Thus, if you notice any rattling noises coming out of your car or experience any shuddering movements while driving –it might be a sign that your vehicle needs a control arm bushings service immediately.

If you are confused about how to identify the problem. Read these 5 signs mentioned by the experts of the top control arm bushings service in Buffalo NY, to identify when your vehicle needs a control arm bushing repair.

5 Symptoms of a Faulty Control Arm Bushing

  • Vibrating Steering Wheel

Whenever there is something wrong with the control arm bushings, the first symptom you can quickly feel is increased vibrations in the steering wheel while driving.

Generally, the vibrations insensate during acceleration and ruin your driving experience. These vibrations are due to the wobbly wheels and excess pressure on the system.

  • Banging and Clunking Sounds

If the control arm bushings have loosened up or worn out, you will start to hear some clunking sounds coming out from beneath your car. These sounds are caused by the constant banging of bushes within the frame and control arm.

The noise will intensify as you move towards rocky or rough terrains. Even normal hard braking and small bumps can cause a hard banging noise. Noises are the early signs that danger is nearby, so it’s better you get a control arm bushings service when you start hearing these sounds.

  • Steering Ramble

While driving, a steering wheel can wander either to the right or left due to the misalignment caused by worn bushings. These bushings are responsible for controlling the arm snugly and holding the vehicle frame in its place. A faulty bush can cause abnormal and surfeit motion in the system that dealings the wheels.

If worn bushings are the major cause of malalignment, getting a wheel alignment won’t be sufficient. The bad and worn-up components won’t hold their position and will cause a disaster later. But if you do take your car to get aligned, be sure to inspect the control arm bushings too.

In case you are driving with family, and the car starts jolting in mid-way, stop the car and call KD Towing for help, our team will be there in no time, and will prevent any further  mishaps.

  • Uneven Tire Wear

Regularly examine your tires to check whether there’s any uneven tread wear or not. Irregular frazzles usually indicate that there is an issue with the alignment of the vehicle system.

The car can show “normal” specifications during the alignment process and still have knobby tire wear, signaling that the control arm bushings are worn and faulty.

  • Unstable Braking

Although control arm bushings are not directly connected to the braking system, any reeling in the suspension and steering components can cause certain problems in the braking system.

Reach Out to the Experts

If you experience any of the above symptoms, the best practice is to stop driving, park it on the side of the road, and call KD Towing Buffalo. Our expert professionals will reach out to you as early as possible and inspect the cause of the problem. As professionals, we at KD towing would recommend staying put and availing of a professional car towing service in Buffalo. If there is any quick fix (we will do it) and if it needs special care we will carefully tow your vehicle to a nearby repair shop to get it completely fixed.

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