Have you been wondering how are light-duty towing services different than the others? Or are you a new towing truck driver? Or are you just looking at what size of truck you need for your towing?

Well, there are some things you should know before really starting any of the above. Because there are significant factors involved in light-duty towing services in Buffalo. A heavy duty towing service is never similar to light-duty towing services. There are conditions like-when to use-what differences- and much more. Today, we’re here at KD Towing showing you the three things you must know about light-duty towing services.

3 facts to consider in light-duty towing services

1.  Light-duty towing service just refers to the type of towing truck.  Light-duty towing services are usually considered standard towing services. Our light-duty towing services include towing coupes, sedans, and smaller cars.

Our light-duty towing service removes abandoned vehicles, tows any private vehicles from properties, and supports victims in roadside accidents. Our trucks for these light-duty towing services are lighter and smaller trucks that are fairly good for driving as well.

2.  Using larger trucks for low duties can be inconvenient. Using a larger truck for a light-duty towing service in Rochester can be wasteful as well as expensive for you. If you appoint a larger truck to lift your Sedan, you’ll need more time. However, our light-duty towing service can do that efficiently within no time. Also, you’ll need to pay extra in case you call a heavier vehicle for just a mini towing job. 

3.  Light-Duty towing services cannot do heavier jobs. For example, you cannot make low-duty towing services carry loads weighing 17,000 pounds or more. 

You cannot appoint light-duty towing services for semi-truck trailers, dump trucks, machinery, farm equipment, multiple vehicles, or shipping containers.  All of such duties require heavy duty towing service

How is light-duty towing services different from heavy-duty towing service?

Any trucks involved in heavy-duty towing are larger. In those, they have a winch, 25-ton boom lifts, and 6-ton wheel lifts. They are used to tow huge loads and large cargo, that need a lot of torque and horsepower for a safe move. 

If you hire a light truck for towing at heavy-duty, your vehicle cannot be loaded or moved safely. This is why you need to do thorough research on which truck you need for your towing job.

However, with us, you can just tell us your towing requirement, and we can decide the kind of truck you’ll need for your low-duty or medium duty towing service. Our towing services are handled by experienced professionals so that your vehicles get cared for with utmost safety.  

Along with roadside assistance for larger vehicles, heavy duty towing services also do clearing services from storm damage or recovery services from water. This includes towing big trees or vehicles sinking in water after accidents. 

Choosing The Right Truck!

In the world of towing, no two units or models are the same. Your neighbors and your vehicle might be manufactured in the same year, but they completely act like two different cars. This means when issues or breakdowns occur, it’s best for you to know whom to call. 

Be it heavy-duty or light-duty towing service, it’s never one-size-fits-all. Searching for truck towing near me in Rochester, you can find a range of trucks from us. We have a fleet managing different kinds of towing duties. Save KD Towing for later or call right now if you’re stuck in choosing the right towing truck!

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